Underscore CLT Develops Cryptographic Ledger Technologies to Power Real Business Solutions

Backed by MathCapital and incubated by MediaMath, Underscore CLT will deliver a new infrastructure technology layer for digital marketing that will:

Ensure trust and transparency in the supply chain while enforcing data protection and consent regimes

Increase the efficiency, simplicity, and effectiveness of marketing execution

Expand the universe of meaningful business outcomes we can manage and measure against

Streamline campaign accounting and payment, with new, flexible financing solutions

Underscore CLT is proceeding in three phases:

Phase 1

Work with marketers, publishers, demand- and supply-side platforms, agencies, industry associations and technology providers to scope and deliver industry-wide solutions.

Phase 2

This Underscore CLT alliance will develop its infrastructure technology layer and test it at scale....

Phase 3

...then deliver the new foundation upon which we will all build digital marketing’s bright future.

Underscore CLT is backed by MathCapital
and incubated by MediaMath.

MathCapital is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on the digital transformation of marketing and media. Its partners and principals are operators who have built multiple large-scale digital marketing businesses with successful exits. MathCapital remains deeply connected to the digital marketing space, with real-time market visibility and strong networks for business development and hiring. MathCapital has an explicit activation relationship with MediaMath.

MediaMath is the leading independent programmatic company for marketers. Its technology and services enable marketers to reach the audiences they want at the scale they need to achieve the outcomes they desire. Since 2007, when MediaMath created the first software for real-time media buying, its global infrastructure, vast partner network and quantitative approach have delivered transformative results – truly strength in numbers. MediaMath is partnering with the most forward-thinking brands and agencies to accelerate these changes. We build on the leading edge of technology and innovate at scale. We combine an open platform – purpose-built for enterprise marketers and powered by machine learning – with scaled, privileged inventory, exclusive data and industry-leading training and support.

Key Team Members Include

Isaac Lidsky

Board of directors and President

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Joe Zawadzki

Board of Directors

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Erich Wasserman

Board of Directors

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